Automation Fast Pass

Automation Fast Pass

One-On-One Automation Fast Pass, Video Conference Session, with Joyce Garabedian will help you gain clarity and motivate you to want the benefits, saving you time and making a easy path for your prospects to become customers.

In just a couple of hours you will know:

  • You will know what automation series to start with
  • You will know who will receive the series
  • You will know what triggers to set in this series
  • You will know how many emails will be in the series
  • You will know when to schedule each email in the series

And of course if you need help and want to get done faster we can continue our sessions until your automation series is complete. Joyce will show you exactly what that looks like for your timeline and budget.

We made it very easy to get started, just hit the Buy Automation Fast Pass button below, once you have paid you will be taken to schedule your session. If your not ready to decide the date yet you will also receive an email with a link to Joyce’s calendar and you can schedule at your convenience.

Your Email Marketing Automation Strategy will create an easier path from prospect to customer for you and your customer.

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