Developing your brand prudently now will set the tone for all your marketing efforts in the future.



We start by examining your entire existing brand presence in comparison to your ideal brand. In what ways has your brand deviated from this idea and how can it be reinvented? Whether or not you have a strong vision for your brand identity, an important process is comparing your current brand identity and reputation to that of your customer’s and potential new customer’s perception.



Using the information collected and ideas explored in the audit, we will transform your brand vision into a logo and tagline. This will let us create guidelines for you to use your logo and tagline for a variety of purposes while maintaining a recognizable presence for returning customers and that will attract new customers.



Through the audit and strategy phases, a true brand for your business will be created. With a solidified and consistent brand, your business will convey this identity to returning and potential new customers. Once a brand has been established your business will be ready to implement a successful website and marketing plan.

We are here to help you with your online branding project.

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