Welcome! These are the things we feel are important for you to be aware of and commit to so we can start working together on your business.

You Have or Want Goals

Until you decide what you want you will go in circles.

If you have goals great! If you don’t have goals we can help you define your goals.

Here we ask that you agree having goals are important.

This is the Business You Love

You are all in!

You’re not working on side hustles, this is your passion, and you want this to be your big success.

Here we ask that you agree this is your big dream.

You Have Funds Allocated

You’re ready to invest.

If you understand the budget reflects the work that will be done you’re in good shape.

Here we ask that you agree you will be honest to yourself and us.

You Have an Audience

You understand that an audience is imperative.

If you’re not blogging, podcasting, doing interviews, have white papers, presentations, speaking or educating then you need to start somwhere.

Here we ask that you commit to building an audience.

You Have The Time

You will make the time!

You know everyone is busy and time management works.

Here we ask that you commit to making the time so we can get you results.

You Want to Do this

You’re ready to do this.

You want to work with us to get you results.

You respect our expertise and time and you’re ready to start the process.

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