If you want to have a successful marketing plan, then the first step is creating and optimizing your brand. Marketing comes in many forms, but the easiest way to convert a potential customer into a new customer is through a website that engages the customer. A website targeted towards the needs of your customers makes it easier for potential new customers and returning customers to acquire your goods or services. Many clients come to us wondering how to increase brand awareness and website traffic. To put it simply, the answer is targeted advertising, optimization, and continued contact. We will work with you to develop emails that will appeal to the recipient instead of their trash bin. We will optimize your online presence, so your website appears in searches by your target consumers. Few know how to engage consumers long term without being viewed as annoying or spam, but our experts have worked with over 4000 customers in a variety of businesses to find personalized solution to this problem.

Email Marketing has proven to be the foundation of any marketing plan, providing $44.25 return for every dollar spent. see email marketing plans

Joyce Garabedian, owner of Web and Logo Solutions, is a Certified Constant Contact Provider, Award Winner for the past four years, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and one of a few Master Certified nationally chosen to offer their product training using the newest editor and newest tools.

Email Marketing Automation is changing the way entrepreneurs engage with their audience. Instead of the one-off email campaigns email marketing automation helps build relationships and take the potential customer through your buying process to customer.

Save time and build relationships from prospect to customer with our Automation Fast Pass. see details

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